Ex Ante Evaluation 

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The ex ante’s evaluation purpose is to "optimize the allocation of budgetary resources within the Operational Programmes Frameworks and to improve the quality of programming".

The ex ante evaluation is organized by objective as follows. For the Convergence objective it is anticipated the preparation of an ex ante evaluation for each Operational Programme. For the Regional Competitiveness and Employment objective, the ex ante evaluation is part of the ex ante evaluation of the OP only if the intervention represents an axis or axes of an Operational Programme.

The ex ante evaluation of the operational programmes is prepared by an independent evaluator and it represents a procedure through which several estimations and recommendations are provided by the Adviser towards the responsible authorities, regarding the content of the Programmes.

The ex ante evaluation (ex-ante) of the ROP of Thessaly – Mainland Greece - Epirus 2007-2013 was prepared under the guidelines from the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping and under the context determined both from the relative Working Document of the European Commission and the General Regulation on Structural Funds. The new framework and the new requirements focus on the operational use of the ex ante evaluation, which is required to have a substantial contribution to the appropriate and successful planning of the Programme.

The approach of the method of structuring the ex ante evaluation of Thessaly – Mainland Greece - Epirus is synthetic and essentially focuses on the Territorial Section of Thessaly – Mainland Greece - Epirus and on highlighting common characteristics, positive and negative, of the three regions.

Last modification date: 24/10/2011