ROP Evaluation 

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To ensure the effectiveness of EU and national resources, available for the implementation of cohesion policy, there is a provision for conducting evaluations before, during and after the implementation of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP). 

These evaluations are conducted with the responsibility of the State Member or the European Commission and are carried out by Experts or Entities, functionally independent from the Certification and Control Authorities designated within the management and control systems of the ROP. 

The results of the evaluations are published, based on the applying rules on access to the documents. 

Evaluations related to the program’s monitoring are carried out with the responsibility of the Managing Authority and according to the principles established by the National Coordination Authority for the evaluation of all OPs in the NSRF.

Apart from the evaluations suggested in the proposed Plan, it is possible to carry out additional evaluations, during the programming period, in case this is considered to be necessary.

Last modification date: 24/10/2011