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The Operational Programme of Thessaly, Mainland Greece and Epirus was elaborated within the frame of National Strategic Reference Framework for the programme period 2007-2013 (ESPA 2007-13).

It constitutes one of the five (5) Regional Operational Programmes, which, together with the eight (8) Sectoral Programmes and twelve (12) European Territorial Cooperation Programmes make ESPA 2007-13. The Operational Programme “Thessaly – Mainland Greece – Epirus” was approved by the No. C (2007) 5332/26.10.2007 Decision of the EU “On the approval of ROP “Thessaly – Continental Greece – Epiurs 2007-2013” (Code CCI 2007GR16UPO001).

The geographical area for the application of the ROP is the Territorial Section “Thessaly – Mainland Greece and Epirus”. This territorial section includes three Regions: Thessaly, Mainland Greece, Epirus and it is situated in the central zone of the continental part of Greece.  A significant percentage of the area of this Territorial Section – higher than the national average - 53%, is mountainous areas, with the higher percentage being the one of Epirus and the other two regions having a significantly high percentage as well. On the contrary, insular regions occupy a very limited part of the Territorial Section (0,7%) – if we exclude Evia which is not a typical Greek island (due to its size and its small distance from the continent) gathered in Thessaly and Mainland Greece. Two of the regions of the Territorial Section, Epirus and Thessaly, are placed under a state of “pure convergence”, while the region of Mainland Greece, has reached the “phasing in” level. 

The Operational Programme “Thessaly – Mainland Greece and Epirus" expresses the development planning of the territorial section during the programme period 2007-2013 and includes the development strategy of the territorial section, the general and special objectives, as well as the secondary interventions and implementation means.

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