ROP Objectives 

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The Strategic Objective and the general development vision of the Territorial Section of “Thessaly – Continental Greece – Epirus” for the 2007-2013 period,  consists of the «Enhancement of competitiveness, attractiveness and extroversion of economy through the improvement of territorial and social cohesion as well as the adoption of sustainable methods for developing production processes and managing the natural and structured environment». This objective will be achieved by means of dynamic utilization of the comparative advantages of the Territorial Section in a new environment, where historically, the investment in knowledge, quality, innovation and networks plays a significant role.  Urban centers constitute the dynamic points on which the entire development effort will be based.

An important part of the development strategy of the territorial section will be implemented through the interventions of ROP "Thessaly - Continental Greece and Epirus 2007 - 13, the strategic interventions of which cover eight General Objectives:

  1. Prove the competitiveness, extroversion, quality and innovative nature of enterprises
  2. Extend and upgrade intraregional and trans-regional infrastructures
  3. Improve human capital
  4. Sustainable management of natural and structured environment and natural resources.
  5. Strengthen intraregional economic and social cohesion
  6. Strengthen intraregional cooperation
  7. Utilise tourism and culture for viable growth
  8. Promote digital convergence.

Last modification date: 24/10/2011